Lynne Smith - Dyslexia Characteristics
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Coaching, Workshops and Talks

Courses are designed for young people and adults, running from just an hour to a week in length. Depending on the needs of the individuals, the coaching and workshops can include:

  • How to use your dyslexic abilities in a positive way.
  • Orientation and focusing techniques.
  • How to recognise and control altered perceptions.
  • How to value and use your intuition.
  • Time management and organisation.
  • Strategies for unconventional learning styles.
  • Coordination and balance.
  • Visualisation techniques.
  • Addressing emotional blocks.
  • Reading techniques (including speed of reading, misreading, retaining & recalling).
  • Improving writing (including spelling, punctuation, syntax, structure, etc.).
  • Mathematical difficulties.
  • Talks are usually about an hour long but can be extended to become more interactive and incorporate question and answer sessions. Sessions can be tailored to a wide range of audiences including; schools & colleges, businesses, community groups etc.