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My Background

I have a degree in Education and have wide experience of individual learning styles and the psychology and the philosophy behind learning.

I have been qualified in Davis Dyslexia methods since 2001.

In 1990 I gained the Certificate in Adult Dyslexia Support (Cert ADS) accredited by the London Language and Literacy Unit and the University of Greenwich.

I have worked extensively in Primary, Secondary, Further and Higher Education becoming more involved with working with children and adults who do not learn in a conventional way.

I now have my own premises at 9 Bartholomews in Brighton. My work includes:

Assessing, advising and offering programmes to both children and adults with dyslexia and related difficulties.

During my career I have worked in London, Oxfordshire and Sussex. Working with dyslexic people has made me aware of the emotional issues as well as the talents arising from their dyslexia.

My interest in dyslexia has developed through personal experience of dyslexia, ADD and dyspraxia in my own family and an appreciation of the talents of dyslexic people.